Here is a selection of questions that we are often asked; along with useful information. If you have any questions that are not answered below, please contact us.

How long will you play for?

We generally play for 2 to 2.5 hours, split into 2 or sometimes 3 sets with breaks in between. However, we are very flexible about timings and will fit in with your schedule.


Do you have a PA system?

We have a full PA system for the band suitable for a small or larger venue. The PA is generally not for use by other bands or DJs unless by prior arrangement. We will need at least one power socket near the stage area. You are welcome to ask to use our microphone to make announcements. For a nominal additional charge and by prior arrangement, you can also use our full PA system for an "iPod" disco afterwards. You supply the iPod with a playlist and we'll plug it in to our system.


Do you have your own lighting equipment?

We do have ambient lighting for the band which is included in the price. Please let us know about any additional requirements.


Do you have a caller?


Yes, we come with our own friendly and very amenable caller who will teach all the dances. He will take all participants through all the moves for the dance section by section. When he is sure that everyone has learned the dance, the music will begin and everyone starts dancing!


Are the dances difficult or strenuous? Do we need to know how to dance prior to the event?


The dances are not difficult or strenuous, although some are more lively than others. All dances are open to anyone, at any level (including TOTAL BEGINNERS). Because this a group activity, dancers find that they pick up the dances quite quickly and even those who have vowed never to go near a dance floor find themselves strangely drawn in.


How far will you travel?


We will travel within 1.5 hours from our base in Wiltshire - but can travel further in some circumstances. We generally charge expenses (fuel, wear and tear) and this will be included in the overall fee.


What are your fees?


Our fees are based on the size of the band. We can flexibly alter the line up for the band depending on the size of the party and budget that you have. We would say that for larger events and venues, a bigger line up is usually more suitable - eg. 4 musicians and a caller. For a smaller party, 2 musicians and a caller works well.


Do you play incidental music in the break(s)?


Yes, we can provide music during the breaks although our musicians will need to take a break at some point for refreshments. During this time, we usually play pre-recorded music through the system.


Do you have a demo?


You can listen to our demo online on this website by clicking here. If you would like us to send you a CD, please contact us and give us your postal address. We will send a CD to you first class.


What other requirements do you have?


  • We usually ask for refreshments (food and a couple of drinks each). This option will be detailed on our contract so you can let us know whether or not this is going to be feasible.
  • We require parking for up to 3 cars.
  • We will need access to the stage area 1 hour before we are due to start playing.
  • We may need to carry out a short sound check during this time to check equipment is working as expected
  • Although we have some lighting, we suggest further ambient lighting on the stage if possible
  • We will need up to 5 chairs (depending on the size of the band)


What do I do next?


If you have need further advice, or would like to check our availability for your date, please contact us. We love to talk about barndances. Once you have verbally agreed to book us we will pencil in the date and send you a copy of our contract for signing. We also require a deposit. Once we have the contract (signed by both parties) and deposit, the booking is set in stone and we will not accept any other bookings on your date.


We hope to see you soon!



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